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Smokers are individual for Nicotine pouches


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Every smoker has his own personal habits.

Some people smoke a lot and heavily, others little and lightly, or vice versa.

Smokers are connoisseurs.

With the e-cigarette, you can keep your way of smoking without polluting your surroundings.

With the e-cigarette, you still have the feeling of a full-fledged cigarette, cigar or pipe.

From the first day you want to change your smoking habits, your e-cigarette supports you by not having to radically change your habits.

By continuing to inhale your nicotine, switching is easy and convenient. You can even start without any pressure this way, if you want.

Whatever your personal path, we have the right products to accompany you elegantly and comfortably on every occasion.

Components and composition

The cigarette / cigar consists of a rustproof casing. Inside there is a holder for a

lithium ion battery, a micro-electronic circuit for dosing the nicotine, and a simulated glow light.


The e-cigarette / e-cigar / e-pipe houses a small electronic atomizer that produces real smoke. This essentially consists of water vapor and nicotine. When inhaling, a red indicator light on the tip of the device signals to the user that the nicotine has now been dissolved in the form of smoke.


The production of carcinogenic substances is avoided. This is done by avoiding the burning of plant substances such as tobacco. The leakage of nicotine into the air inhaled by the smoker is only caused by heating.


The solution is in exchangeable depots. Since these depots also contain nicotine, you will not have any withdrawal symptoms! The nicotine depots required for use are available in 4 different strengths.


Electric smoking anywhere

smoking ban


The electronic cigarette, e-cigar and e-pipe dispense with the combustion process and thus do not produce any harmful substances caused by combustion. These products contain electrical atomizers and filters soaked with nicotine solution (there are 4 different nicotine strengths to choose from: high, med, low and without). More about Nicotine pouches


This type of smoking offers enjoyment and beyond:


Let’s bring smokers and non-smokers back together.

Smoking everywhere where smoking is prohibited, no passive smoking for family and immediate surroundings.

Full nicotine flavor enjoyment in no-smoking areas

no ashes, no cigarette butts, no carcinogenic passive smoking.

Electric smoking is suitable for:


Smokers who stay in smoke-free areas.

People who have smoked for a long time and experience withdrawal symptoms without smoking.

Smokers who want to continue enjoying the pleasure of smoking.

Smokers who want to give up smoking completely.

Passive smoking

It is now certain that passive smoking is harmful. A study by the European Union states that almost 80,000 people in the EU die each year as a result of passive smoking – 7,000 of them from smoking in the workplace. The smoke that escapes from a cigarette between two puffs is particularly dangerous.


In a study in Germany, passive smoking was described as an “underestimated risk” for the first time. In Germany alone, more than 3000 people would die every year from various diseases caused by passive smoking.


Death from secondhand smoke would be more common than death from illegal drugs. The doctors involved in the study are therefore calling for new laws.


The habit


Why should you change your habits?


Of the estimated 17 million smokers in Germany, almost 70% are dissatisfied with their smoking behavior and would like to change something about it.


What do you want to change about it?


“Well, I would like to change something, but I don’t know what, because I like to smoke!”

“Well, stop, but not from one day to the next”

“I haven’t made up my mind to quit, but I’d like to reduce my smoking”

“When I think about last weekend, I have to start coughing again …”

These or similar statements can be found all over the world. We can of course only passively help you to change your smoking behavior, the main task remains with you. However, with our products we can offer you an alternative that may help you to take the first step and persevere!



Smokers have many reasons to switch to e-smoking products


After 1 day – more oxygen for the organs

After 2 – 7 days – Better sense of smell and taste

After 2 weeks – better breathing and oxygen uptake

After 4 weeks – gums and tooth bones regenerate, fresher skin color, physical resistance is increased

The health risk is much lower with the electronic cigarette.


Smoking is known to pose significant health risks. Carcinogenic pollutants such as carbon monoxide, tar, hydrogen cyanide and many hundreds of other toxins slowly and painfully destroy the body.


But now you can breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks to the new trend product from Asia, these disadvantages are significantly reduced or eliminated.


Now experience the feeling of smoking, without any toxins, yellow fingers / teeth and smelly ashtrays!


There is no longer any risk of passive smoking for the family and the immediate environment. In addition, the simulation of smoking should also provide better psychological support for quitting than chewing gum or plasters.


Weaning plan

Electric smoking products are suitable for a gradual reduction in the “amount of nicotine:


Step 1:


Start with the strength you are smoking at the moment.

Malboro Red – Strong Depots

Marlboro Silver – Medium Depots

R1 Minima – Light Depots

for approx. 2 weeks.


2nd step:


Then switch, for example, to medium depots for approx. 2 weeks.


3rd step:


Then switch to the light depot for about 2 weeks.


4: step:


Finally, switch to nicotine-free filters until you’ve also battled the ritual.




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