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Turboccino Energy drink and Energy pouches by Vimgo


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Check this….instant energy drink.  Basically what we have here is a Mocha mix that is supercharged with caffeine.  2 ounces makes 1 serving so you get about 16 cups per bag.  The cool thing about this is you get to pick your dosage…need a weaker energy boost, use 1 oz of mix…need something to keep your ass wired for an all nighter….Mix up 3 or 4 oz’s and your eyes will feel stapled open.


Taste wise, this stuff rocks…basically it’s just a damn good Mocha…nice and smooth, very chocolaty with just a touch of coffee flavor.  Nothing overpowering at all…just well balanced…no to sweet, not to strong.  I can think of about 1000 uses for this stuff aside from just mixing it with hot or cold water.  It would taste great on ice cream, mixed with milk, mixed with water and then Irish cream…really the possibilities are endless.


Power wise, Turboccino definitely comes through….according to the label it has an extra 100mg of caffeine per serving.  Now I’m not sure if that means 100 over the typical amount found in a cup of coffee, or 100 that you get just in a serving.  Regardless, it kicks ass.  This is definitely something to keep in stock at the office and at home.


I know this review is short, but honestly there is not much to say.  This stuff tastes DAMN good, and works DAMN well.  I highly recommend it especially if you like coffee, mocha, or hot chocolate.  Grab a bag….you won’t be disappointed!


Spark Citrus Energy drink


Ok, let’s just take this one from the top….The directions say to mix each packet with 8oz of chilled water…sounds fine until you see what happens when this stuff hits the water.  When I began pouring the contents into the water most of the mixture solidified and dropped straight to the bottom like some sort of yellow toxic biological cement…as I stirred I watched a huge chunk form and float around inside me glass.  I sat transfixed as this yellow lumpy mass spun around in circles like some sort of putrid lava lamp…then it hit me….I’m going to have to drink Energy pouches this crap.  Fear took over and I began to stir like a mad man to dissipate the horrid glob that was now settling at the bottom.  As I stuck my spoon in I noticed that the bottom of the glass was covered with a thick yellow mud that would in no way what so ever join with the water to give me a drinkable substance….I was about to drink an orangey yellowish mixture with what looked like a bacterial goo at the bottom that would inevitably flow into my mouth….I began to stir faster.  At this point I noticed that small chunks were spinning around inside my glass but the thick layer at the bottom was almost gone…..not totally, but almost…and anything is better than what I had before.  I pulled out my spoon to prepare for my first taste.  The damn stuff was holding onto my spoon.  All I could think about was the movie “The Blob” and I started to wonder what the hell this was going to do to my tongue.  I paused and went to take my first sip…then the smell hit me.  It was kind of like a bottle of children’s vitamins that had been opened and left out in the humid Houston air for a month…not pleasant to say the least…..Unfortunately for me, I started this site with the intention of saving all I could from bad purchases and the horrible consequences of curiosity…so I had to go on.


It wasn’t that bad.


Now, let me be more specific with that statement.  You have to realize what I had just witnessed and smelled to get a full understanding of what “not that bad” means.  Compared to other drinks out there, this stuff sucks…compared to what I thought I was about to ingest, this stuff is, well, not that bad.  The flavor is kind of what I would describe as a horribly screwed up sugar free Orange Gatorade.  Really it’s not that strong, and the smell is far more overpowering than the taste….which is not at all a good thing.  Now I was warned about this flavor…the Cherry is supposed to be better, but I wonder if that means good, or “better” because better is really not that much of an accomplishment at this point.  Anyway, while the flavor is not good by a long shot, I was able to finish it off and see the hell that lay at the bottom of my glass….oh the horror.  Think rotting mustard and you are probably pretty close….I’m just going to leave it at that.


Ok, so what do we have power wise?  120mg of caffeine…that’s pretty damn good.  Is it worth submitting yourself to the torture?  It all depends I suppose.  If you take any type of supplements for weight training, the flavor will be pretty familiar to you so you might be ok.  This stuff definitely wakes your ass up though.  I know I was wide awake after I downed my glass (though it could be from shock and horror more than caffeine) and I wouldn’t expect any less from that amount of caffeine.  Besides the caffeine there are quite a lot of things in each pack of Spark that are actually pretty damn good for you (I’m not going to go into details, but the folks at have a scan of the back of a pack that you can check out HERE.)  Though I can’t really recommend this stuff flavor wise, I will say that it does its job and some of you other athletic types may want to check it out……just be sure to shake the hell out of it if you put it in a sports bottle.


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