Facebook Dumps Organic Results

It’s mostly true. Over the past couple months I’ve watched my own organic results totally tank. It’s like a 90% drop in views per post, which results in almost no engagement, shares, likes, comments. It’s a bit frustrating since my pages have been quite active organically. I have run a few drops-in-the-bucket ads off and on.

I promoted some book release notices and a few other product release and contest notices. In the past it was fairly expensive to do so, and now it’s quite cheap. Like 500 views for a dollar cheap. Orgnically though, my “cat picture” posts are still rocking it.

example organic results for “cat picture” meme photo on facebook

As an experiment, I got to participate in a promoted post to a landing page link. For $40 there were 15,000 impressions, 110 post engagements, 400 website views, and 30 form submissions. If you ran a promoted

Max Potent are drops for male enhancement – Try MEMBER XXL UK

Max Potent are drops for male enhancement – Try MEMBER XXL UK

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Safari Safety Tips: Spot The Big 5 Safely In Africa

Safari Safety Tips: Spot The Big 5 Safely In Africa

It’s a chance for you to view all of the creatures as the mind back to their own lands as well as the hippos going into graze if the sun is still down. The saltwater produces a salt pan around the lake bed, After the sun shines plus a salt focus in addition to the water that’s mined by the regional men and women. Salt lake has been a explosion crater that was formed because of volcanic eruption. Evidence suggests that the place inhabited by the Kipsigis, along with the neighboring lake basin was occupied through the exact same Stone Age. You are going to discover how to tell which creatures are have been in the area. The game drives are supplies an chance for you the view a whole lot of savanna creatures like aloft, hippos, elephants, antelopes, lions and the buffaloes of Uganda kobs .

The equator at …