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Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story


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Harold and Lillian Michelson are the Hollywood power couple you’ve never heard of. Married for 60 years, the couple worked on dozens of major films from the 1950s through the 2000s. Lillian worked at and later owned a large research library, and Harold, a WWII vet who used the G.I. Bill to get an art degree, worked his way up from apprentice at small Hollywood studios to major production designer, earning two Academy Award nominations along the way. Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story takes us through their careers, but also their enduring love for each other, their struggles with family and children, and paints a portrait of two amazing people who are as important to our culture as they were to each other – more – https://free-putlockers.com/country/Sweden

Harold and Lillian is not your typical behind-the-scenes Hollywood doc. It’s about love and family, things that you don’t see very often in the movie business, at least not off the screen. Lillian has some theories about why that is, and she’s seen it all, so she’s probably right.

Despite the importance of their work, both Lillian and Harold were usually uncredited. Back in the studio days, it was more than just not getting credit, it was that you did work the director didn’t want to admit wasn’t their own, and they would go to some pretty extreme lengths to make sure everyone thought every frame of the film was their own work. If you ever find yourself in heated discussion with a proponent of the auteur theory, Harold and Lillian may just be your best first salvo against their arguments, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Harold and LillianLillian came into the industry later than Harold and worked frequently with the Movie Brats, many of whom appreciated her library and amazing research skills — particularly fun is her story about finding images of traditional Jewish underwear of the early 1900s — yet she still faced hostility and indifference. Who gets angry about something as benign as a library? More people than you’d expect, it turns out. She had to move the entire collection several times as studios and organizations withdrew space and funding.

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