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The Real wm55 World Sucks


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Our hobbies help us escape from the struggles of day to day life, albeit temporarily. Well sometimes we need to acknowledge the wm55 of life, and do whatever we can to maybe help someone in even the smallest way. Go over to Bobby Bracelets site to find out what I am talking about. I will be donating.
After that, this seems completely meaningless, but live poker has been good. I am winning, the majority of players are not good, and I enjoy the chance to actually interact with people. My plan is to go 4 nights a week, and play online the other 3 nights. I am going to limit myself to only 1 online tournament per week as well.
I’ve noticed that since I started up live limit play that my post flop play online has gotten stronger. I really got into a rut playing NL, SnG’s and Tourneys online. My game had gotten to such a preflop game that is was hurting my bankroll. By playing limit and having to play more post flop I am starting to get that part of my game back into shape.
I have been reading Phil Gordons “Little Green Book”. Its not bad. I already know most of the stuff Phil talks about, but I have also learned a few new things as well. Phil is really good at relating the information in a way that you can understand. This is the only poker book that made me literally laugh out loud at a story he told. Its the story about shaky hands. I think the most useful piece in the book is the table were Phil basically removes the need for you to figure out pot odds. He tells how many outs you need to call based upon the percentage of the pot that your opponent bets. This is what Phil does best, he takes complicated concepts and simplifies them that even I can understand it. I thought the rule of 4 and 2 made things easy, this table makes it even easier. It gets the seal of approval from Vegaas
IAPC! Notice how cool I am by making that an acronym? Thats how we IT people roll!
I wonder if the mystery will ever be solved.
I have been to the casino 4 of the last 5 nights. I really dont have a live bankroll. Everytime I have played live in the past, I have meant to put the money aside, but it just doesnt happen. The money is either in my wallet, or stored somewhere, then something comes up and instead of going to the ATM, I just use the poker money instead. I need to stop that.
I have only been playing 3/6 limit live. The play at these tables is terrible, and I have averaged 3BB an hour the last 4 sessions. I am getting really tempted to give 5/10 a shot. I just need to get the bankroll up a bit more through a couple more positvie sessions, then I will make the jump.
Having been playing exclusively online for the past 6 months, I have forgotten how enjoyable live play is. The joking around at the table, shooting the shit with the dealers, the overall atmosphere. I have also noticed that I am terrible at noticing peoples physical tells. I am great at picking up betting patterns from playing online, but when it comes to observing the physical, I suck.

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