The Real wm55 World Sucks

Our hobbies help us escape from the struggles of day to day life, albeit temporarily. Well sometimes we need to acknowledge the wm55 of life, and do whatever we can to maybe help someone in even the smallest way. Go over to Bobby Bracelets site to find out what I am talking about. I will be donating.
After that, this seems completely meaningless, but live poker has been good. I am winning, the majority of players are not good, and I enjoy the chance to actually interact with people. My plan is to go 4 nights a week, and play online the other 3 nights. I am going to limit myself to only 1 online tournament per week as well.
I’ve noticed that since I started up live limit play that my post flop play online has gotten stronger. I really got into a rut playing NL, SnG’s and Tourneys …