Sinister Sbobet dealer, a greedy casino or a disgruntled player? You decide

Sinister Sbobet dealer, a greedy casino or a disgruntled player? You decide

Why is it that every time I challenge the dealer, the decision always goes against me? Either I cannot find a decent casino, get bum dealers and pit bosses, or both. I also seem to find dealers who make mistakes, or dealers who every time I start winning, shuffle the deck. Do you think there is any hanky panky going on, or is it I? Larry B.

Hanky-panky is always in play‹but that’s a subject for the Lonely Hearts column.

Couldn’t help that, but back to business. I know what you mean. You might have made my job easier by mentioning specific casinos or geographic areas. But you didn’t, so we’ll go on what we’ve got.

In the seven joints that occupied 18 years of my life, disputes were generally settled in the player’s favor – unless of course the customer was blatantly wrong.

In casinos where customer service is …



IMG_2644Within the last few months, Facebook has been making several changes to its interface by polishing its look and adding features, including a completely new redesign. Facebook’s mobile app and web versions have also been put under the knife for some nice improvements, with some of the most recent additions being emoticons, floating “Chat Heads”, and an improved news feed.

These new features have been slowly rolling out to Facebook users within the last few weeks, and are now available by updating to the latest iteration of the Facebook mobile app, version 6.0.2. When you first open the app, you’ll notice right away a cleaner UI, and a new way to filter your news feed – a feature that is already being implemented on the new desktop version of Facebook. Users can filter their news feed by photos, groups, close friends, lists, and more. Overall it’s a great feature to …

Now Or Never For bitcoin dice Uzbekistan

Now Or Never For bitcoin dice Uzbekistan

It’s a hard and long road to Germany 2006 and they don’t come much rockier than the paths from the inhospitable terrain of Central Asia.

Uzbekistan are aiming to become the region’s first ever representative at football’s showpiece event but despite lying bottom and winless at the bottom of Group A in the final stage of Asian World Cup qualifying with only one game remaining, the dream is not dead.

An automatic qualification place is out of reach but if the former Soviet Republic defeats Kuwait in Tashkent on August 17, third-place and a play-off with Bahrain awaits.

A victory over Bahrain, the third-placed team from Group B, will earn Bobby Houghton and his new charges another two-legged showdown with the fourth team from the CONCAFAF region with a place in Germany at stake.

The form of the team has been a surprise as many felt that an automatic qualification …

BetandWin Selects Chartwell for Slot Joker123

BetandWin Selects Chartwell for Slot Joker123

CALGARY, Alberta. Chartwell Technology Inc. (CDNX:CWH – news) is very pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Chartwell Games Corp. has been selected as the online casino software supplier to Simon Bold (Gibraltar) Ltd a wholly-owned subsidiary of Austrian based BetandWin Gaming Group.

This agreement, which resulted in the development of the Triple A Casino, allows members the opportunity to access and enjoy the entertaining gaming experience provided by Chartwell’s full casino suite of no download Java games and our soon to be released suit of instant play Flash games.

With innovative web concepts and strong strategic partners, the BetandWin Gaming Group aims to become one of the leading international players in the online gaming industry, catering to a broad audience. With a player base of over 260,000 registered users at the end of 2001, BetandWin generated turnover of 62.3 million EUR compared to 17.3 million EUR from the previous …


Last week, lead Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen and other Bitcoin Core developers joined the recently established MIT Digital Currency Initiative. This was widely interpreted as an MIT takeover of the roles of leadership, funding and co-ordination of Bitcoin technical development, previously claimed by the Bitcoin Foundation. In parallel, Bitcoin policy think tank Coin Center is claiming the role of interface to policy makers and regulators, with the publication of a framework for state digital currency regulation.

The report, titled “State Digital Currency Principles and Framework,” is a model for digital-currency-specific regulations and laws. The report provides a template with structure, definitions and language for the essential components of any digital currency law: ​who must be licensed, how start-ups are encouraged, how solvency is guaranteed and other necessary elements.

Recently, Bitcoin-friendly bills have been proposed in Utah, New Hampshire and New York City. Texas, Kansas, California, Pennsylvania and North Carolina also …

Kismet Studios Launches Online Casino Singapore Backgammon



Kismet Studios Ltd, a developer of gaming technology for wireless and internet real-money games, announces the addition of head-to-head gambling engine to its secure gaming platform, the Kismet Gaming System, and the release of its first head-to-head gambling game – Backgammon.


Players can now, for the first time on the internet, gamble on backgammon against live opponents at Kismet’s showcase site


Online casinos have only offered traditional casino style games, such as Blackjack and Roulette, and limited multi-player games where a number of players sit at a table but play against the house, not against each other. Head-to-head games offer online casino operators an extremely viral addition to their gaming sites while offering players a compelling, new type of online gambling experience.


Kismet is now developing gambling versions of head-to-head board games to be made available through its partner’s sites. Kismet ultimately plans to …

Minister jets off to Las Vegas to study tourism

Minister jets off to Las Vegas to study tourism

Minister of Transportation and Communications Yeh Chu-lan (¸µâÄõ) departs today to the US and Japan on a fact-finding trip during which she will spend almost a third of her time in Las Vegas to study the development of tourism alongside the ring of the roulette wheels.

While spending three days of her 11-day itinerary in Las Vegas, Yeh will visit the Lake Las Vegas Resort, visit a casino and hold discussions with members of the local industry regarding tourism there, according to the ministry.

The visit is hoped to provide the minister with some international perspectives on promoting the tourism industry, which has been tapped by the government as a major vehicle to stimulate economic growth.

The minister’s focus on Las Vegas reveals the government’s continuing interest in developing casinos Togel in Taiwan’s tourist areas to boost an industry still lagging from the impact of 1999’s massive earthquake despite public …

8b baht a month spent on Keluaran Hk gambling in Bangkok

8b baht a month spent on Keluaran Hk gambling in Bangkok

(BANGKOK) Thais’ love of gambling translates into an average monthly expenditure on the habit of up to 8 billion baht (S$320 million) in Bangkok alone, a survey released on Thursday found.

The survey from the Thai Farmers Bank found that expenditure on gambling – which is for the most part illegal in the kingdom – totals 10 to 18 per cent of gamblers’ combined incomes in this city of ten million.

The survey by the economic thinktank found that just under a quarter of the sample group of more than a thousand people had sunk into debt as a result of their gambling habit.

Of that group, some 14.4 per cent said they had thought of committing suicide to escape their indebtedness, while just over half said they had considered giving up gambling.

Aside from an official lottery and horse racing, Thailand’s conservative society has balked at legalising the lucrative …

Max Potent are drops for male enhancement – Try MEMBER XXL UK

Max Potent are drops for male enhancement – Try MEMBER XXL UK

Max Potent are drops for penis enlargement. They have been made with natural ingredients. According to the manufacturer, this drug does not produce side effects and there are no contraindications to its use.

The drops are distinguished by their easy use. The manufacturer emphasizes that the product provides long-term effects that last even up to half a year.

The use of drops is simple. You have to do it three times a day. It is enough to fill half a teaspoon with drops and then add water – 250 ml. This drink must be taken by man before each main meal.

For many years he did not have sexual intercourse and that comes only from large complexes associated with the size of the penis. I have used many folk remedies and other alternative methods, unfortunately without much effect. However, even though I was skeptical, I decided to buy Member XXL …

Sbobet Players: Dewey, Louie, and Huey

Sbobet Players: Dewey, Louie, and Huey

Dewey was the guy that got photoed out in the 1948 Presidential election by Harry Truman. Louie was the 16th King of France who took a bad beat at the guillotine with Marie Antoinette. And Huey, Huey was a car selling, poker playing fool from out of the mountains of eastern Kentucky like you’ve never seen in your life. Before it’s over with, he may go down in history as more renowned than either Dewey or Louie, which is nothing to sneeze at, by any means.

Huey hit Lexington in the ’60’s at full speed, and never looked back. It was hard to tell which was more treacherous to get mixed up with him in – a car deal or a poker game. Anybody who tried either one got upside-down in a hurry. You can believe that. He left a string of destitute car buyers and poker players in his …