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Full-Tilt-Poker Leaderboards – Current Leaders September 7th


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Time for another look at the Full Tilt Leaderboards. Its early in the month, so we’ll look to see who is off to a good start.

If you’d like to follow the FTP Leaderboard results, FlopTurnRiver archives the results daily on the Full Tilt network page. You can find it here: Leaderboard-Calendar by scrolling down to the leaderboard section and choosing a day to view. Also, for today’s complete standings (top 250 in all three categories) click here:

September 7th Leaderboard Results.

Current September 7th Top Ten MTT Leaders

1    The Yid    3082.70

2    DimJarnaby35    2319.60

3    sprstoner    2189.10

4    isuckatcards11    2044.60

5    Rounder63    1899.90

6    truesyalose    1879.30

7    bethwolf22    1839.90

8    ThatsTheGame    1801.60

9    kjh8448    1779.70

10    sketchy1    1652.20

Familiar names occupy the top spots on the MTT Top Ten this week. Last month’s winner, The Yid, jumps out to an early lead this month on the strength of solid results in the 45-man multitable SNGs. He also turned in three 4-figure scores.

The 2nd spot is held down by last month’s runner up, crypto gambling. He also turned in good results in the mutitable SNGs, in addition to winning a couple satellites into last week’s $1K Monday.


Another familiar name from last month, sprstoner, had a nice MTT score to start off in 3rd this week. He finished 3rd in the $33K Guarantee (a $109 1 rebuy, 1 addon tournament) for $7,613.

A couple other notables in this week’s Top Ten are truesyalose and sketchy1. Both are well known MTT regulars and turned in some solid MTT results. Truesyalose took 3rd place in a 6-max $109 rebuy tournament for a very respectable $17,050. He also turned in four other 4-figure scores this week, good enough for 6th on the Top Ten. Sketchy1 also recorded four 4-figure scores, including a win in the Turbo Hundo good for $5,980 round out the Top Ten this week.

Current September 7th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit

1    PokerToronto    8347.20

2    Mement_mori    7844.90

3    phatchoy888    6685.20

4    Whitesnake1    5964.90

5    wildjoker321    4925.20

6    culaopho    4414.30

7    adb235    4037.30

8    KVD79    3860.80

9    moneyinthebank1    3827.30

10    beanmo    3593.20

The High Limit SNG Leaderboard also has some familiar names to start off the month. PokerToronto, who finished 3rd last month, takes the top spot with a strong start this week.

Mement_mori is a new name for me. He takes the 2nd this week, despite not finishing in the top 250 for last month. A new month often brings new resolve, so we’ll see if he can continue his run this month.

A few other players that finished in the Top Ten last month also show promising starts this week, including Whitesnake1 (4th last month), culaopho (6th last month), moneyinthebank1 (2nd last month), and beanmo (5th last month).

Current September 7th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit


1    Drinking Buddy    3136.40

2    J2ThaP    2998.10

3    kjh8448    2859.70

4    pokerinsidecokr    2750.20

5    Durden86    2599.90

6    jnye34    2350.20

7    ecued    2320.80

8    WPTfuji    2279.70

9    Odin187    2161.80

10    ys0vsky    2125.80

The Low Limit SNG Leaderboard looks like its starting out as a fairly tight race, with the top 5 spots separated by only 536 points. Drinking Buddy takes the early lead, off to a nice start after finishing 245th last month. J2ThaP also shows up in last month’s Top 250, finishing 141st.

Kjy8448 is our first name from last month’s Top Ten. He holds down the #3 spot this week, having finished 5th last month. Look for him to make a solid run for the top this month. Ecued, holding down the 7th spot, is also a familiar name. He finished 10th last month and should be in play for the title this month.

are a couple other names on the Top Ten this week that had decent results in August. Pokerinsidecokr finished 48th last month and starts out the week in the #4 spot, and WPTfuji lands the 8 spot, having finished 66th last month.

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