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Event 10 of the keluar sgp VI was more rebuy madness. On Nov 14, the $300 + $22 No-Limit Hold’em rebuy tournament would take place. However, Full Tilt would make this more fun with shorthanded play (6 Max)! With $750,000 guaranteed, there was a lot of money to be won. 1,162 players saw this as well, and some broke their rebuy buttons driving the prize pool all the way up to $1,048,500. That is $699,900 in rebuys/addons (2333 total)! The event was hosted by Jordan “iMsoLucky0″ Morgan who made his name as an online pro. However, he more recently started to play live tournaments and has made 2 WSOP final tables, 8 cashes, and many other large scale final tables. He has over $1 million in career earnings.
A total of 144 players would walk away with a nice payday, at least $1,363. Just making the final 2 tables was 5 figures, $11,009, and the winner would earn over $200k! That eventual winner was none other than CrayonBox who topped OllO1 heads up, making him the champ of event 10! Here is everyone who placed in the money in the $322 NLH 6-Max Rebuy, Event 10 of the FTOPS 6:

Event #10 Results – FTOPS VI
Place Player ID $ Won
1 CrayonBox $214,418.25
2 OllO1 $141,547.50
3 OffMePlaya $99,607.50
4 dsindy $74,443.50
5 five_over $53,473.50
6 Broberts85 $35,124.75
7 hAAppy Monkey $21,703.95
8 SpotLIGHT19 $21,703.95
9 GulahPapyrus $15,203.25
10 kiwid10 $15,203.25
11 DIDDATHURT $11,009.25
12 BootySmooth $11,009.25
13 Ozzy 87 $8,178.30
14 Spenny Rice $8,178.30
15 DrObadele $8,178.30
16 ORIONF $6,710.40
17 46nn2 $6,710.40
Event 9 of the FTOPS 6 took place on Nov 13. The registered players were prepared to play a game that is rising in popularity, Pot-Limit Omaha 8 (aka Omaha Hi/Lo split). With a $200 + $16 buyin, Full Tilt tossed a guarantee of $150,000, which would nearly double to $266,200. There were a total of 1,331 entrants who came to split and quarter others, with the occasional scoop. The event was hosted by none other than Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, who is one of the most well known professional poker players today. He had earned 5 WSOP bracelets (including the main event in 2000), 2 WSOP rings, and has career earnings of over $6 million.
With 1300+ players, the path to the final table was filled with tears, screams, and joys. Just making it into the money was tough, with only 126 places paid fr $372. If you did make it to the promised land, you were guaranteed at least $4,099.48. However, boogey77 brought his luckbox and had his eyes set on more; $58,564.00 more. After a heated heads up battle, boogey77 was declared the champ after defeating 12stacks. Here is everyone who finished in the money at the $216 PLO8 Event 9 of the FTOPS 6:

Event #9 Results – FTOPS VI
Place Player ID $ Won
1 boogey77 $58,564.00
2 12stacks $37,268.00
3 Apuh99 $27,285.50
4 GASSS_U $21,628.75
5 ssilentsteve $16,637.50
6 junkie4free $11,979.00
7 whambamtysir $7,719.80
8 ubetterRUN $5,590.20
9 edgehill $4,099.48
10 BIGFLOPPER01 $2,315.94
11 CashCasino $2,315.94

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