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The secret of bluffing & slot pulsa Online


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According to the slot gacor bracelet winner, Jamie Gold, he would be happy to be known as the finest bluffer in the world. But if his last Texas Holdem tournament is any clue, his wish may not come true ever.

The site is the 2007 Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic held at the Sin City Bellagio in 2007. Featuring $50 – $100 blinds and a $15,000 buy-in, Darrell Dicken is close to the end of his run. The seat 4 player has just raised his bet to $300, a tiny raise with only one player biting the line. “I put him as being weak,” Jamie said, “I was thinking about raising, but instead I just called with a 10-3 of hearts to see what would happen.”

Jamie believed that Brad Booth would make a move, which he did. He re-raised to $1600 from the big blind. Gold thought that Booth had a good hand, but he was in a great position to make a move taking into account the amount of dead money in the pot. Dicken ended up folding, and the unknown in Seat 4 called Booth’s raise.

Now there was more than $4000 in the pot, so Jamie wagered another $4000. He was thinking, only if someone else had aces or kings there would be no possibility they would make that call. Jamie’s strategy was to make a substantial move on the flop, as long as no ace was dealt. The second part of his strategy was to get Booth to fold, which he did. Booth folded with pocket queens.

Coming out of the flop there was an ace of ace-6-5, two clubs. The player in seat 4 checked and Jamie bet $2000. Jamie’s initial thought was to make him think that he had clubs. Seat 4 laid down a $10,000 poker chip, but didn’t say anything thus changing his raise into a call. Jamie’s thought was that seat 4 in all likelihood had an ace, but you have to defend it in case he hits his set on the following card.

A 2 of hearts came out on the turn, and Jamie went ahead and folded to what he thought was a top pair kicker. Seat 4 laid down a king-jack off suit. Seat 4 beat Gold by bluffing with a better hand, he forced an impressive poker play and continued with the bluff all the way through to the finish.

The Game of Judi OnlinePoker is not just for The World’s Best Poker Players Anymore

Texas Holdem’ in the past was a game available only in Sin City casinos or from electronic poker machines, but now it is more popular than ever in Las Vegas, Nevada thanks to the TV and the internet.

The well-known Venetian, is now banking on this popularity with its new audience-participation show called “The Real Deal!” in its showroom in the Venetian Hotel and Casino, beginning in October.

This new idea will unite comedy and game show elements to entertain its live audience. The audience will also be able to join in the popular game of Texas Holdem’ alongside the some famous poker stars. There will be prizes for the audience including a chance to win 1$ million.

In “The Real Deal!” the audience will play with players like Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu. Around 10 of the World’s most famous poker players have already signed up for the show. The audience will be able to play along with the 90 minute game thanks to handheld, wireless, touch screen devices located on each seat.

“People who visit Las Vegas want to play different types of poker games,” Negreanu says, “but obviously they can’t play in a top poker tournament with the players such as Doyle or Phil Hellmuth. But, in this show, they actually can.” At the start of the show, six audience members will be chosen to sit at the poker table on stage with two pro poker players. Each audience member is then involved in the action by being dealt a unique set of poker cards on their devices. Everyone in the showroom is then involved in the action with big-screen monitors located on stage.

The show’s creators say that you don’t have to be a professional poker player to join in the poker tv show. There are other ways to increase your point total, that doesn’t involve poker necessarily. Betting on the suit of the next poker card or trying to guess which state a particular audience member is from, are just some of the ways to come out a champion in poker in this game.

The show’s creators are also placing bets on the personalities of the professional players to create some great moments. People like Scotty Nguyen, the flamboyant five-time World Series of Poker winner, definitely knows how to work the crowd and is a sure bet for some great TV moments in this new poker game show .

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