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Tale of Two UFABET Winners – How Will You React?  


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Linda and Karen are two lucky ladies, but with two distinctly different personalities. Both ladies hit progressive jackpots at, but while one hasn’t told a soul; the other had a blast letting everybody know. Both are business owners, but one works in lumber while the other’s bag is high-tech medicine. Two sides of the same coin, maybe! In any case their luck tops $200,000 and both hit within days of each other, here is what they have to say.

“I had been out on the lake all day but wasn’t tired when I got home. There was nothing on TV, so I decided to go online. I logged onto InterCasino and started playing with $200. I had gotten down to $100 when all of a sudden I couldn’t believe my eyes. I sat and stared at the screen for three or four minutes and I didn’t know what to do. I just kept slowly going over the hand in my mind until I was sure it was a Royal Flush. Should I push the button or get my camera and take a picture of the screen? I hit the button and saw that I won $156,006. I haven’t told anybody yet, I’m keeping it my little secret. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, and I left most of the money in my InterCasino account.” Linda Gleams.

Karen boasts a different story.

“That night I was watching the Yankees game with my husband and son when I decided go online and gamble. I was winning and I went over to the “Shooting Gallery” Progressive Video Poker machine. The machine went into a bonus round and at that point I wasn’t sure I actually won. After a minute I realized what had happened. I called my son and he went and got my husband, I was so surprised… I’m opening my own MRI and CAT Scan center and this money is going straight into my business. InterCasino has made everything so easy, they’re transferring the money into my bank account today.”

The cat has Linda’s tongue while Karen opens a CAT center with her windfall. Back to the lake or run to the bank? Two lucky girls with two very different plans. This year the online progressives at InterCasino have already paid out $2,360,652.49! How will you react when you win?

Find a Good Jackpot and Win a Quarter Million

Mikh102 feels like a million dollars after winning nearly a quarter of a million UFABET dollars on a sultry Friday afternoon last week. Mikh102 was playing at one of the internet’s loosest progressive slot machines, Rags to Riches, at InterCasino ( when his life was changed by a stroke of luck on a progressive slot machine.

Mikl102 is not unlike other online gamblers who are looking for more bang for their buck in today’s competitive online gaming market. He was playing on a progressive slot with a track record for big wins at a casino with a reputation for making customers happy.

“The best online casinos will always have the most players. The most players will always lead to the biggest progressive jackpots, and the biggest jackpots always mean the biggest winners. Its not a mathematical theorem, it’s a commercial principle and its just makes sense.” Says global internet gaming author Gabriel Black.

Including Friday’s win, InterCasino has already paid out $2,816,029.01 in jackpots this year alone. But what is important to remember, according to Black, it is not just the size of the jackpots but their frequency. “Casinos can offer ten million dollar jackpots if they wanted to, they just make them so hard to win that they never strike. So what you look for as a gambler is not the size of the jackpot alone, but the frequency at which it hits. InterCasino’s progressives hit big and hit often, Especially Rags to Riches. And that’s what’s important. You don’t want a slot machine that’s harder to win than the lottery.”

According to the site’s manager Ryan Hartley it’s all going according to plan. “When you have a casino you want people to win, that’s business and anyone who thinks the casino is there just to take money is not going to be in business for very long.” InterCasino has had at least one super-jackpot won each month this year, with some months seeing two and three mega-jackpots; and if that sounds like more than at other casinos that’s because it really is.



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