Jerry Buss Goes Pro

77-year old Jerry Buss, who happens to own the Los Angeles Lakers in the way you and me would own a watch or a bottle of cologne (a very profitable watch or a bottle of cologne that is), decided to become a poker pro recently. Money could definitely not have been pinup casino a motivation, because dear Jerry is a billionaire, after all. hk prize
Billions, I’m telling you, billions!!! Well, at least Doyle has some companionship of age in the poker circuit now.

But before you dismiss Jerry as just a billionaire looking for excitement in his life, and therefore probably a fish in the games, think again. A gifted mind, Jerry has earned a Master of Science and a PH. D. in Chemistry at the age of just 24. Jerry placed 3rd in a 1991 WSOP 7-Card Stud event for a bracelet. To date, Jerry has won just …