Big Ticket NBA Trade – Toto HK

A huge NBA trade went down today. Kevin Garnett, the Big Ticket, possibly the best player never to win a ring, was traded to the Boston Celtics for an incredible 5 players and 2 draft picks. That has to be the biggest trade ever for just one person.
So did the Celtics get the best end of the deal? They had to give up Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, reigning dunk champion Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes, wannabe thug Sebastian Telfair, and two first-round draft picks. Jefferson is really the only starter out of the bunch, and he definitely has a chance to be a superstar. The rest of them? I really wouldn’t be surprised if the TWolves had nothing left to show from this trade except for the draft picks. But they did get some cap relief for next year to go after some free agents. But I can’t imagine anyone …

Meeting sbo Wil

There was a day when I didn’t “know” someone in Vegas. That spot in southern Nevada was a fairy tale place where no one actually lived. We tripped the light fantastic (not to mention the fandango), rode through the worm holes, and emerged in a land of lights, concentrated sin, and blissful anonymity.
These days, I know people. Not in the “I know people” sense of knowing people. (I know people in St. Louis, though, and they know people, so that has to count for something.) In Vegas, I have familiarities. I figure that is as much as one can ask in sbo a city where relationships are as tenuous as a string of good luck on the video poker machines.
And, yet, so it happened that I came to know someone in Vegas named Wil Wheaton.
It had been three weeks in what I was beginning to think of …

StøvsugereN Wins PokerStars TCOOP Event 10

Action was fast and furious in Event #10 of PokerStars’ Turbo Championship of Online Poker, a $10 rebuy tournament. The event drew 12,636 players and netted an additional 39,000 rebuys and 6,000 add-ons for a total prize pool of $579,330. This nearly doubled the PokerStars guaranteed amount of $300,000.

Final table starting chip count:

Seat 1: Pokerboelie (39375232 in chips)

Seat 2: Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet (95934120 in chips)

Seat 3: €urop€an (31303652 in chips)

Seat 4: StøvsugerN (65805474 in chips)

Seat 5: menhtinhcanh (29052864 in chips)

Seat 6: Duttert (14051701 in chips)

Seat 7: redislav (25297488 in chips)

Seat 8: Sobizzle21 (25644377 in chips)

Seat 9: boo187uk (11278092 in chips)

When the Final table was reached, it was renown poker author Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet who was holding the chip lead at just shy of 96 million chips. Van Fleet is an author of the popular series of poker …

Jerry Buss Goes Pro

77-year old Jerry Buss, who happens to own the Los Angeles Lakers in the way you and me would own a watch or a bottle of cologne (a very profitable watch or a bottle of cologne that is), decided to become a poker pro recently. Money could definitely not have been pinup casino a motivation, because dear Jerry is a billionaire, after all. hk prize
Billions, I’m telling you, billions!!! Well, at least Doyle has some companionship of age in the poker circuit now.

But before you dismiss Jerry as just a billionaire looking for excitement in his life, and therefore probably a fish in the games, think again. A gifted mind, Jerry has earned a Master of Science and a PH. D. in Chemistry at the age of just 24. Jerry placed 3rd in a 1991 WSOP 7-Card Stud event for a bracelet. To date, Jerry has won just …

dfhjik Wins Full Tilt Poker 신규가입 꽁머니 Main Event

The 신규가입 꽁머니 Main Event concluded early this morning, finishing off yet another highly successful series of events for one of the world’s biggest poker sites. This year 27 events tested some of the best tournament players in the world as more than $17,000,000 in Guaranteed prize money was up for grabs. The Main Event alone had a $2,500,000 Guarantee which is huge for a $500+$35 buy-in event. The prize pool eventually swelled to $2,822,500 as 5,645 players entered the day’s biggest event.
The Main Event was hosted by FullTilt professional and world-class poker player Allen Cunningham. Cunningham is highly respected in the poker community not only for his cash game skills, but also for his five WSOP bracelets. He has won bracelets in four different disciplines in including Seven-Card Stud (2001), Deuce-to-Seven Draw (2002), No Limit Hold’em (2005, 2006), and Pot-Limit Hold’em (2007). He currently sits at number 8 …

Full-Tilt-Poker- keluar sgp -6-Event-10

Event 10 of the keluar sgp VI was more rebuy madness. On Nov 14, the $300 + $22 No-Limit Hold’em rebuy tournament would take place. However, Full Tilt would make this more fun with shorthanded play (6 Max)! With $750,000 guaranteed, there was a lot of money to be won. 1,162 players saw this as well, and some broke their rebuy buttons driving the prize pool all the way up to $1,048,500. That is $699,900 in rebuys/addons (2333 total)! The event was hosted by Jordan “iMsoLucky0″ Morgan who made his name as an online pro. However, he more recently started to play live tournaments and has made 2 WSOP final tables, 8 cashes, and many other large scale final tables. He has over $1 million in career earnings.
A total of 144 players would walk away with a nice payday, at least $1,363. Just making the final 2 tables was …

Full-Tilt-Poker Leaderboards – Current Leaders September 7th

Time for another look at the Full Tilt Leaderboards. Its early in the month, so we’ll look to see who is off to a good start.

If you’d like to follow the FTP Leaderboard results, FlopTurnRiver archives the results daily on the Full Tilt network page. You can find it here: Leaderboard-Calendar by scrolling down to the leaderboard section and choosing a day to view. Also, for today’s complete standings (top 250 in all three categories) click here:

September 7th Leaderboard Results.

Current September 7th Top Ten MTT Leaders

1    The Yid    3082.70

2    DimJarnaby35    2319.60

3    sprstoner    2189.10

4    isuckatcards11    2044.60

5    Rounder63    1899.90

6    truesyalose    1879.30

7    bethwolf22    1839.90

8    ThatsTheGame    1801.60

9    kjh8448    1779.70

10    sketchy1    1652.20

Familiar names occupy the top spots on the MTT Top Ten this week. Last month’s winner, The Yid, jumps out to an early lead this month on the strength of …

Chan- result hk Closing Up Shop

Players logging on to Chan result hk today were greeted by a surprising message. It reads “All good things must come to an end….” and links to another page detailing that the site will be shutting down effective tomorrow, August 21. The message doesn’t go into any detail behind the site’s decision to shut down, but does assure users that all withdrawal requests will be honored. The site has raised some withdrawal limits to make it easier for users to move money off the site, but recommends processing withdrawal requests as soon as possible. Once users’ withdrawal requests are processed, their accounts will be closed down. The message on the site also mentions that Chan Poker is seeking a partner that will honor existing player point balances.

Billed as “the exclusing online poker room for Johnny Chan”, the site launched in 2006. Chan Poker is part of the Ongame Network, …

Video Poker Speed

Video Poker Speed

Video Poker machines have come a long way since the ‘pioneer days’ of the early to mid 80’s. Those machines were, of course, coin operated only and prone to the problems associated with hand feeding large amounts of metal into a mechanical device. Often the coins if fed too fast would jam. Many player would keep a roll of coins handy to use a hammer to push on the coin release “button” which (unless you have been studying karate and hardening the side of your hands to break bricks with) are extremely painful to the bare hand. Just the wear and tear of constantly manipulating the coins and feeding them into the machines can be quite painful after many hours of play.

But the most obvious result of feeding coins into a machine, then and now, is that you are going to be playing at a very slow rate. The …

New Stanleyacropolis Promotion  

Stanleyacropolis casino is running a new promotion. You may be familiar with them – owned and operated by Stanley Leisure, the largest casino operator in the UK with 33 casinos and over 650 betting shops.

The promotion is based around their Platinum Points scheme. In December, they started giving all players double points and those wagering over $80,000 per month receive triple points. This means a 0.2% and 0.3% cashback on wagers.

This has been so successful, especially for the larger players, they decided to increase it to quadruple points or 0.4% cash back on wagers for those wagering over $160,000 in a month – for the month of May.

I’m sure you’ll agree this represents the most straightforward and generous loyalty scheme available on the net today.

In summary:

Value of wagers points per $10 equivalent cashback

$2500 – $79,999 2 0.2%

$80,000 – $159,999 3 0.3%

$160,000 + …