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Arizona State 토토사이트 Championship Schedule Announced.


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The schedule for the 2008 Arizona State 토토사이  Championship was announced a few weeks ago by its official host, Casino Arizona (at Talking Stick). The tournament will have a $650,000 Guaranteed prize pool, with an additional $50,000 already added. Mind you, that prize pool is based on the assumption that all 600 seats will sell out. This will probably not be an issue considering the event has sold out weeks in advance in the past.

The $1,000+$50 buy-in tournament will no doubt attract Arizona’s top players, as well as many traveling poker pros looking to claim the title of Arizona’s Official Poker Champion. 1st place alone will nab a little over $190,000! Below is the official starting days of the event, as well as information on satellites that will be played a few month prior to the opening deal.

In a post written by user ‘that_pope’ on Casino Arizona Forums, it looks as though Casino Arizona will be building special player boxes for its higher limit players.  The boxes, similar to those used at many popular casinos like the Bellagio in Las Vegas, will allow players to store their chips and extra cash after each session at C.A., as well as be able to pick them up or cash them out whenever they please.  The boxes should be available within the next few months, and you can start putting your name onto the waiting list now.

“This is a very welcome change, since walking to your car, driving home usually at dark, and going to your house regularly with $5000+ is not all that safe.  Now there will be boxes we can store chips and cash and not have to stop at the cashier every night, just store purple chips and maybe a rack or two of browns in there to be ready.

This is very positive, and should improve the safety of high limit players,” says  ‘that_pope,’ who is a frequent high-limit cash player at Casino Arizona.

One of my other sites that I’ve been neglecting over the months is finally ready to be open to the public for a little test run. My high stakes poker blog site is now officially public and ready for Google to crawl, and I’m pretty excited about its potential. I just wanted to make a quick little post on it so everyone visiting AZGambler can check out reports on high stakes games or to jut get their daily Gambling News fix. Thanks for taking the time to read this…hope you enjoy the new site – it will be under construction over the next few weeks, but for now it’ll at least provide some decent content for those taking the time to read it.

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