In the Trenches: Winning at Low-Limit bandar judi pulsa

I’ve often said it myself – When given the choice, I’d rather play at the tables with seasoned veterans, or at least with players who have a good grasp of the basic game. Low-limit, people say, is too difficult, because novice players will move all-in at the drop of a hat, or make ridiculous calls in obvious folding situations. They’re playing for pennies, not pride, and their decisions fall into the “What the hell, let’s gamble” category more often than veteran players would like.
While these things can be frustrating, they’re a part of the game. Besides, a truly skilled player should be able to win at all levels, regardless of the competition.
So, in a recent burst of scientific curiosity, I’ve been playing on the $0.01/0.02 cash tables on bandar judi pulsa Stars. And, to my surprise, I’ve been winning rather easily. True, there isn’t much money at stake, …