Perfect Strategy for 789Bet Jacks or Better

Perfect Strategy for 789Bet Jacks or Better

The following strategy is for full pay jacks or better video poker. “Full pay” designates the following paytable, per coin based on five coins bet, which returns 99.54% of money bet assuming optimal strategy.

Full Pay Jacks or Better

Hand Payoff

Royal flush 800

Straight flush 50

Four of a kind 25

Full house 9

Flush 6

Straight 4

Three of a kind 3

Two pair 2

Jacks or better 1

To use this strategy look up all reasonable ways to play a hand and choose the play that is highest on the list. If your hand isn’t on the list then it should never be played. The numbers on the right represent the average return. These numbers can vary depending on the discards.

Let’s try an example. Suppose you have both four to a flush and a low pair. Should you sacrifice the low pair to complete the flush …