Gaming gold by justcalendars


Glory beckons for Australian gamers as eSports is set to join the upcoming Asian games, presenting a new opportunity for Australian sporting gold. Sounds good? Do you want to buy 2023 Australian calendars ? Order calendars here.

eSports is the world of professional gaming in which players and teams compete in front of thousands of spectators in various different video games.

It was recently added as a medal event for the Asian games in 2022, with it set to be showcased at the 2022 games. And Australia is looking to become a full member in the 2022 games.

Brad Coombs (pictured) co-owns Escape Portal in Cannington, a newly opened gaming lounge that provides a space to play competitive games and compete in local tournaments.

“Sponsors are coming on board to put up prize pools and pay these players to be able to compete, just like you would if you’re …