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Rush casino bonus Online Tips


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Rush Poker is not your ordinary online casino bonus room. Developed by Full Tilt Poker, Rush Poker was designed for the most impatient poker players; those who would play the generally recommended tight poker game if only it did not mean waiting out hand after hand of loose players who waste time betting on virtually anything.

We will be offering a few invaluable Rush Poker tips that will help poker players improve their time-based win percentage at this innovative new online poker room.

Tip 1: Time is on Your Side

Rush Poker is so incredibly fast paced because every time a player folds a hand, they are instantly catapulted to a new table where they are dealt a new hand. There is no more waiting for your opponents to complete the previous hand before receiving new cards and getting right back into the action. No longer will you be enticed to play a less than worthy hand simply because you have been waiting so long to receive palpable cards. Conclusion? Keep folding those marginal hands! Time is on your side. You will receivea playable starting hand soon enough!

Tip 2: Play Tight

The first Poker Online strategy we learn is a tight game. This is because it is the best strategy for an inexperienced player who cannot yet read their opponents effectively. Player reads are virtually useless at Rush Poker due to the constant changing of tables, and since the hands evolve exceedingly faster, you will not get bored folding 90% of those hands. Wait for a premium starting hand and make the most of it.

Tip 3: Value Betting

Value betting is extremely important at Rush Poker. Since your opponents cannot get a read on you, there is no need to mix things up, slow playing a monster hand, check-raising the next one then betting manically on another. In the same token, you cannot determine if you are being called/raised by a fish or another tight player. The whole idea behind value betting is to risk an amount that is worth losing, should that occur, but also brings a nice profit when you win.

Value bets are based on your odds of winning the pot, according to your own hand and the chances that your opponent has you beat. If you have a 40% chance of winning, bet 40% of the current pot.

Tip 4: Opponents Value Bets

Try to watch out for opponents who are value-betting the pot. A fishy player will not bother calculating a value bet. If you can oust a value bettor, you can label him a tight player in time to get out, should you suspect he has got you beat.

Tip5: Bluffing

Bluffing can be highly effective at Rush Poker, and for habitual bluffers, it is like pennies from heaven! You can not expect to win a normal poker game by bluffing consistently. You will eventually be called at every turn as your opponents label you a bluffer. The same cannot be said of Rush Poker, where opponent observation does not apply. We are not saying constant bluffing will be effective, but you certainly have a better chance of scooping pots in this manner at Rush Poker.

The ability to quick-fold often entices other players to simply get out early and receive a new hand. A substantial raise can easily scare everyone away from the pot. The only thing you have left to worry about is tight players who finally received that premium starting hand, and are not willing to give up on it. Should you get called on a big raise, beware!

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