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먹튀검증사이트 | Everton Kenny Smacks Alan Nixon Upside The Head About Rooney Again


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먹튀검증사이트 from The Everton Blog has done a follow up to his Wayne Rooney – Alan Nixon ~ Paul Stretford ~ Conflict Of Interest? write up the other day where I too reproduced the Rooney ~ Nixon ~ Stretford Connection piece, with Kenny’s permission of course.
Staunch Everton Fan Kenny Fogarty writes ~ Alan Nixon Again
Here goes :: Nixon Again
And lo, after yesterday’s offering, Alan Nixon is at it again in The Independent with this Story about Wayne Rooney ~ this time, Staying At Everton, Unless Manchester United Part With £30 million.
According to the imaginative Proactive Sports Group shareholder, Rooney staying at the club where he’s contracted to for the next two years, is “one of the most unlikely options” available.
Amazingly, Internazionale of Italy are now mentioned by Nixon. However, there’s been no mention of their interest anywhere else. He really does have a vivid imagination. But the question I want to know is, how does he get away with it?
I wonder how much he gets paid for each work of fiction? Indeed, are works of fiction that absolutely contradict yesterday’s work of fiction worth more, or less in today’s market?
Here’s a bit of spin for you:
If Wayne Rooney was a product and Nixon had shares in the company that manufactured that product, and he wrote stories about the product which boosted it’s value, he’d be in breach of insider dealing laws.
Sadly for us, Rooney is a footballer, and he doesn’t speak, unless told to do so by his management company. Even then his words are carefully chosen and the questions asked are closely monitored. These same advisors give people like Nixon carte blanche to write whatever they like, mentioning “insiders”, never offering a direct quote, because it suits them to have their player talked about. In short, they are actually creating the market for Wayne Rooney out of nothing more than hot air. Proactive say nothing, Rooney says nothing, put two nothings together and it makes for a summer of speculation, rumour and panic.
It’s all bullshit, and people would be better off treating it, and people like Nixon with the contempt they deserve.
I’ve sent the following email to the Independent’s sports desk. I wonder if I’ll get a reply?Dear Sir,
I wonder if you can answer a few question for me?
How does a Proactive Sports Group shareholder get to write for your newspaper, offering contradictory stories on a common theme over the course of two days?
Over two days, Alan Nixon has written two articles about the sale of Wayne Rooney, who happens to be represented by the company that Nixon has shares in. Neither article that has been published contains a direct quote from the player, the player’s agent, or indeed anyone from the clubs supposedly involved in this transfer saga.
Indeed the teams mentioned in this whole saga seems to be growing daily. Can I ask if these teams selected at random by men pulling small wooden balls from a black velvet bag as they used to do before Sky TV invented football?
Are there more teams to be mentioned before this hawking of Wayne Rooney is laid to rest by Proactive Sports Group and their myriad of shareholders in the media?
Speculation is one thing, but now we see story upon story published for what seems to be the benefit of Proactive Sports Group and their share price.
Kenny Fogarty
Want to see how much shite this Alan Nixon has had published?
Heard of Google? Try this Nixon Search which will list all his stories printed by that paragon of truth, the Daily Mirror.
Then there’s this Nixon Search which will list his stories from The Independent. I’ve got no time, nor inclination to count out how many of his stories never came to any fruition. I bet there’s a few though.
Gamblog Comment :: Looks to me like Everton Kenny is on a march and I for one think the guy makes a solid case against Alan Nixon (Proactive Sports Group Shareholder) ~ I wonder if he will get a reply?

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