What to Do if You are Allergic to Your Wedding Ring | Botox and filler injector cary nc


Have you worn a favorite piece of jewelry for years only to wake up one morning and find the body part the jewelry is covered with a red, flaky rash? Or maybe you’ve bought a new piece of jewelry and found yourself reacting to it as soon as it touched your skin. If you’ve had this problem, chances are you are among the over 30 percent of the population with a nickel allergy. By any chance if you are looking for “Botox and filler injector cary nc“, get in touch with “https://www.paruabeautystudio.com” – they are the best in their business.

This allergic reaction can be especially bothersome if the offending piece of jewelry is your wedding ring. It’s not exactly as if you can take it off. Well, you can, but do you really want to?  “But my wedding ring is made of white gold,” you may be silently shrieking as you read this. That may be, dear reader, but in truth, almost all gold contains at least trace amounts of nickel.

Find Out if You Have a Nickel Allergy

Finding out if you truly have a nickel allergy is quite easy to do at home. Simply take a nickel coin and tape it to your upper back or the inside of your arm for 48 hours. Those with allergies will experience a rash within eight to 24 hours after removing the coin from their body.

Of course, if you would feel better having a professional diagnosis, a dermatologist can perform a patch test for you. With the ease of making the determination on your own, in the comfort of your bathroom, we don’t suggest paying good money for a doctor, especially if you don’t have health insurance.

Symptoms of Allergic Reactions to Nickel

If you are, in fact, allergic to nickel, you may experience a wide variety of symptoms. Expect to see a red rash wherever the metal has come in contact with your body. The rash may be accompanied by sensations ranging from mild itching to severe burning. You may also notice your skin begin to crack or peel especially when wearing tight fitting jewelry like rings and watches.

What You Can Do

– Have your jewelry coated with a product like Nickel Guard or simply apply a layer of clear nail polish to the surface of the jewelry. Keep in mind, though, that this is not a permanent fix and the coating will need to be reapplied periodically.

– Have your jewelry plated with rhodium by a professional jeweler. This fix is, again, temporary and is not effective for everyone.

– Choose a hypoallergenic metal like platinum, stainless steel, titanium or sterling silver for your jewelry. Do be aware that some of these metals, depending on the manufacturer, may contain trace amounts of nickel. Always be sure to ask if this is the case before you purchase any jewelry.

– Keep your jewelry clean and dry. Rings that have channel set gem stones can be particularly bothersome to those with nickel allergies as the channels trap moisture which causes the salt in nickel to react with your skin.

– If your jewelry needs sized or repaired, be sure to tell the person taking your work order that you are allergic to nickel. The standard solder that jewelers use to size rings is made from nickel.

A nickel allergy can make your jewelry incredibly uncomfortable to wear. Luckily, with some smart shopping you can avoid these allergic reactions all together. If you’ve already purchased your jewelry and fallen in love with it, follow the simple tips you’ve read here to make wearing your jewelry a pleasant and possible experience.