Easy Remedy to cure open pores, pimples and get bright skin | Coolsculpting near me West Hollywood


How to get rid of open pores and pimples is one of the major issues of young generation nowadays. People use different chemical products and remedies to cure open pores, pimples and get bright skin naturally but they don’t get desired results. I am sharing a useful remedy for the treatment of Open pores, pimples and getting bright skin naturally at home. By any chance if you are looking for “Coolsculpting near me West Hollywood“, get in touch with “https://crmcaesthetics.com/” – they are the best in their business.

Things we need to cure open pores, pimples and get bright skin

Koajic acid cream, 10gms

Sugarcane juice, 2 tbsp

Turmeric powder, 2 tbsp

Husn-e-Yousaf, 2 tbsp

Fresh rose water, as require

How to make

For preparing mask for the cure open pores, pimples and get bright skin you have to follow some simple steps.

First of all, take a large mixing bowl.

After that, add Koajic acid cream into the bowl.

Then, take fresh sugarcane juice and add two tbsp of juice into the mixing bowl.

Now, mix the ingredients to make a paste.

In the next step, take Husn-e-Yousaf and add into the bowl

After that, add two tbsp of turmeric powder into the bowl.

Now, add some drops of fresh rose water and mix them well to make a fine paste.

How to use

For the treatment of open pores and pimples, use this cream in a given manner.

First of all, wash your face with fresh water to remove dust particles and oil from your face.

After that, dry your skin by using a towel or clean cloth.

Then, apply a thin layer of this cream on your face and massage your skin gently.

Leave it for overnight for better results.

Then, wash your skin in the next morning with fresh water.

Repeat the procedure for twenty to twenty-five days regularly and get rid of pimples and open pores.

Seven mistakes that make your skin look dull

Everyone is facing the problems of skin in these days. There are many creams and remedies for glowing and bright skin. If your skin looks dull and rough then may be you are doing something wrong that has harmful effects on your skin. These mistakes seem very small but have intensive effects on skin. Must think about the mistakes that can be dangerous for your skin. There are some mistakes that make your skin look dull.

Mistakes that make your skin dull

1-Water scarcity

It must be happening that you take low quantity of water. If this is true then remember you can get wrinkles on your face in young age. Low quantity of water decreases the level of water in your body called dehydration. For the cure from dehydration you should drink two to three liters (8 to 12 glasses) of water daily.

By using this remedy, you will surely get rid from many problems of health and your skin looks more fresh and clean.

2-Sweets and oily food items

Oxidation is the process which produces the free radicals in your body and these free radicals not only damage our skin but also many parts of our body. Food items full of Sugar and oil give birth to free radicals. That is why it is necessary to abstain from these items. Take green tea for good health and fresh skin.

3-Use of caffeine

Tea, coffee and cola drinks contains a large quantity of caffeine. Much use of these drinks decreases the quantity of water in the body and increases the oxidation process. So do not use these drinks very much.

4-Use of Alcohol

Alcohol is very dangerous for health. It has much quantity of sugar which increases the oxidation process and causes the dehydration in body.

5-Use of tobacco

Tobacco has nicotine in it which produces the free radicals. Tobacco damages the natural oxidant of the body which is the vitamin C. Don’t use these types of products if you want to maintain your health.

6-Use of vegetables

The people who don’t like to eat vegetables please do remember that the juice of vegetables is much better than any other juices. It not only freshen the skin but gives many benefits to the body.

7-Less sleep

Sleeping is the process in which body relax itself. Less sleep would be very dangerous for health. Set your sleep time according to your age.